eng| It can be a hard choice to capture a moment or to experience it. Think twice.

Sometimes you have to choose whether to take photos or to be in those photos, to capture a moment or to experience it, to tell someone's story or to be a part of that memory. Sometimes it can be a hard choice, but at the end of the day it is all about priorities, as always.

I do love to capture moments that will become memories in a second, and it is definitely not the same experience as living those moments. It is a psychology, that is all. Do you know your brain processes moments differently when you make a record and when you don't? (You can read more here.) The brain is very clever and it knows when you look at the world through your mobile or tablet and when you don’t. When you look at the world without a lens, your brain has to remember more and better, the memories stay brighter and more detailed. It definitely doesn't mean you don't need photos! Photos create a heritage and will help you share stories with your families, kids, and friends. You just need someone else to take them for you, so you can be a part of your family and their memories. Otherwise, one day your kids may ask you, where you were the day photos were taken, or during a vacation.

As an example, few years ago I spent three weeks in Thailand. It was a lovely trip and I took a lot of photos, only to lose all but the two I posted on Facebook. (People, back up your photos!) I don't have pictures to remind me of all the great places I visited then, all the people I met, or the experiences I shared. I do have some memories though. Interestingly, the strongest memories are about days I didn't even try to capture. There was one breakfast on the beach on the island Ko Samui. I can remember every single detail of that morning, how it felt to be there, Joni Mitchell songs in the background, the whistle of the ocean and whispering of palms, the smell of water after a storm and all the colors of fruits on the breakfast table. Those memories are strong and every time I recall them I feel really great.

My advice for you is try to stay in the moment, be present, enjoy your life. If you love photography, find time and take photos, get better, look for people and places with a story to tell, enjoy that experience. But then, get back to your family and let someone else capture your tiny little moments, so you can tell your story as the one who lived it, not an observer.