eng| A story worth remembering

For a while I was very quiet. I didn't post a lot on Facebook and I didn't post anything on my blog. There were a lot of reasons and I needed to clear my own thoughts. But I have spent the last week in Barcelona working on my photography, attending photo workshops and seminars, walking around the city and feeling colors. I am preparing a post just about my Barcelona stay. But there is one thing I would like to share with you today, because those few days greatly changed my perception.

I love to take wedding photos, to capture family stories, to work on personal photojournalistic projects and to report on different events. Is it too much? It seems like a bit of everything, and I thought maybe I should choose a main topic. Everyone has one, right? Isn't it like when someone does too much, he does nothing well? I have been questioning myself, contesting my own work. But I could not choose. How could I? I love them all: families, weddings, projects and streets...

Only in Spain have I realized, no matter what I photograph, it is all about people and their stories. That is my topic, my main interest. Everyone deserves their story to be heard and remembered. Every person has a history and it is very important to protect it, to keep it for the future. Whether those are photos of a couple on their special day, so they could share those memories with their children; or my beautiful families, so they could remember once again how lucky they are to have each other; or my photojournalistic projects, so we can learn so much from others.

I love every story and feel so lucky and humbled to share my love with people who will enjoy it. It is such a great feeling to be happy about what you do and to enjoy it, every part of it. It is in our nature, a need to leave something behind us, a heritage. It is inside us. And what can be more important and stronger than our own history, our memories?

Now I am so happy to be back in Prague. I can't wait for all new stories to come. They are all worth capturing and I am ready for all families, weddings, events, ready to work on my projects, because I know they are all unique and I will be happy to be part of that.

P.S. If you want to have your own story captured, keep in touch. It will be an honour to help you with that. Are you planning a wedding or a birthday celebration that you would love to remember, because you know it will never be the same? Or maybe you would like me to come with you on a trip or vacation? I will be happy to photograph that, because I'm just loving it ;)