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eng| Almost a winter wedding

There is no such thing as bad weather for a wedding day. I truly believe it. When people are having great time, they enjoy one another, music, food, they will enjoy rain, mud, snow, they will transform it into a benefit of that very special event.

Adam and Zuzana desired to have a "white" winter wedding with a lot of snow. They planed their Day for the middle of February in the region where "there is always snow" in the season. Well, surprise, surprise! There was a lot of snow days before day D, and the next morning after the wedding, but on the day itself - just a lot of mud.

Luckily mud and lack of snow didn't become a reason for being upset. But the "bad" weather became one of the reasons all guests stayed together. There was a lot of dancing, laughing and true party spirit, something I absolutely enjoyed. Another gift from the sky, 10 minutes of snow while making portraits for my beautiful bride and groom and a lot of snow the next day to have a few photos on the morning after a wedding day (something I normally don't do, but would love to start doing from now on, because it is so much fun with the right couple).

So just take what weather offers and enjoy it as much as you can. You will remember the day for all the tiny and candid moments, that don't have much in common with a weather.

Location: Zamecek Klokocov

DJ: Michal

Flowers: Fiore

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