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eng| There are only two occasions that can't be re-photographed: the beginning and the end of so

Support. by Nataliya Yashchuk

Memories, stories, and emotions are what matter the most in photography, at least I believe it with all my heart. Birth photography is very unique; it is an essence of all of that, of all those components.

They say nothing can compare to the moment you hold your baby in your arms for the first time, and I am sure it is true. The moment you finally see your child, get to touch your baby, the moment you are free of your fears and stresses you were carrying for 9 months, and just before your new one will arrive. It is a moment of pure joy, so rare in our lives. You don't think about anything else, you just enjoy that presence.

Empathy is both my strength and weakness at the same time. That is why witnessing labor and delivery was one of my most joyful, funny (yes, funny!) and adrenaline-filled experiences ever. Not the beginning or process itself, but the end, that raw moment of joy of happy parents, despite of all their exhaustion. And absolutely the best part of the whole experience was when the father came in and saw his little baby girl and beautiful wife. He was so proud of them both, so happy to finally meet his precious child. Surprisingly (for me) this was the first moment the mother had tears in her eyes. So was it worth it? Hell, yeah!

For sure, not every birth is just like that. I would rather say that every birthing experience is unique, at least for the parents. Not for the doctors probably. But this is exactly what my first birth photography was all about. Yes, there were some issues and little complications, but at the end of the day nothing really mattered, because emotions when they were all together, were much stronger than anything before that.

If you have children, no matter how long and painful your labor was, how naughty your children are today, how long it took to get them to sleep yesterday, just stop for a moment and recall for yourself that day you held your baby for the first time. Recall how this little being squished your finger with their tiny hands and the moment of relief you felt. In that moment, there was no overthinking, over-planning, or frustration that may come later. Do you remember that happy and joyous moment? Was it worth it? I hope your answer is "Hell, yeah!".

"Just two of them. For now" by Nataliya Yashchuk
"First contractions" by Nataliya Yashchuk
"It is coming" by Nataliya Yashchuk
"When all you can do - hold her hand" by Nataliya Yashchuk
"Contraction" by Nataliya Yashchuk
"When the pain goes away" by Nataliya Yashchuk
"Wrinkles" by Nataliya Yashchuk
"It is just a beginning" by Nataliya Yashchuk
"Relief" by Nataliya Yashchuk
"Support" by Nataliya Yashchuk


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