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eng| Surprise engagement photosession?

I really like Saint Valentine’s Day. A lot of people think it’s two consumerist, but to me it’s all about people. It is another of many days when two people can celebrate that they are together, they support each other, they love each other.

I have a lot of friends who do celebrate 14th of February. Another prefer the 1st of May, more traditional Czech's "Valentine's day", when people kiss under the cherry in blossom. There are also some, who just pick a random day in a year and celebrate it as their own original Day of Love 😉. Why not?! Also this day can help those, who are not really good in telling what they feel. For some it is very hard to say "I love you" or "Thank you". An official holiday can help them, give some courageousness to do so.

That is why I do like this holiday so much. It is not about a day, but about people expressing their love.

Yesterday in the evening when I was writing greetings to all people who are in love, I remembered my good friend, who have proposed to his girlfriend in Paris in front of Eiffel tower. One might say it is too obvious or kitsch. For him and her it was a very personal place, with a lot of their own memories. So no matter how many people have done that before or how NOT original it would look like to someone else, he did what he felt is right. And this proposal was worth it. Beautiful, personal, emotional. By the way my friend has also invited a photographer to make secret photoshoot, while he was proposing. Now besides great memory, they do have wonderful photos they can share with their kids. And those photos, as much as Paris and Eiffel towel means a world to them. That is what all the family documentary photos are all about - authentic memories, full of real emotions and memories.

So I have an idea! If someone is planning to propose this year, you can call me and we can make some great and memorable photos. You can propose during an "official photoshoot", while we will be making "love-story" photos, anniversary or a special adventures photoshoot. You can give it as a gift on the Valentines day (so I mean any day 🥰), or keep it in secret. I will be just around the corner or the tree. Sure, it would be great if your love doesn't follow me on social media, so it is a surprise for her or him. But remember, it is year 2020, year of life 2.0. Everything great that can happen, will happen!

Happy Valentine's Day.

P.S. Just one of the best couples I have met. It was not their story, but their love is as much inspiring.

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